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Motion Picture Debuts With Help Of Local

more to movies than meets the eye...and

hands, as local massage therapist Kim

Horstman of Mainely Massage Therapy found

got hands-on experience, literally, on the

movie set of the recently-released motion

picture, ``Message In A Bottle,'''' starring

Paul Newman, Kevin Costner and Robin

the film is portrayed from the coast of

North Carolina, most Mainers know that

many of the scenes were shot in such

places as Popham Beach, New Harbor, Bath

and Portland. During the filming, Kim

worked with the film crew providing such

services as deep tissue muscle relaxation,

relaxation techniques. As Kim can attest,

many hours each day were needed to

watchers will see from their seats in

privilege to meet and work on so many

costume artists, to cameramen and set

producers. Almost all of them worked 10-

to 14-hour days and are regular clients

for massage therapy wherever they are

working,'''' said Horstman. Kim scheduled

appointments with the cast and crew to

provide her ``expertise in the field'''' as

part of the production of the film which

is currently being shown in theaters

the hours were long,'''' said Horstman,

``the process of working on the set was a

great experience all the way around, not

to mention meeting some of the world''s

favorite stars. It was an experience I''ll

a lot more to making movies than most

people can really appreciate,'''' she said.

``Along with lights, camera, action, there

was a small army of people who were there

to make it all happen. It''s quite a

remained very busy during the four months

the crew was shooting. Among the many

different people she worked on, a few of

the ``big shots'''' stand out; the film''s

director Luis Mandoki every Sunday, and

both producers Di Novi and Wilson as their

not just for fans anymore. As you watch

``Message In A Bottle,'''' a romantic

adventure film, look closely and you may

see some familiar sights including credits

to Kim Horstman of Mainely Massage