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Herb Garden World » 2007 » August

This is a popular combination of basil and garlic and a delicious sauce for pasta.

1/2 cup of extra virgin olive oil

Wash basil and chop. Peel the garlic and chop coarsely. In a mortar pound the chopped garlic, pine nuts and salt. Add to the mixture the chopped basil and make it into a fine paste. Gradually add the finely grated cheeses and stir with care. Last add the olive oil very slowly (in a trickle) and stir in well. Pour the sauce into a glass jar and top with a little olive oil. Place the sauce into the refrigerator. It keeps for over a week.


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This is an effective recipe after a long and stressful day to calm you down.

1 bottle Dry white wine, empty into a clean jug

Place the herbs, spice and honey in the empty bottle and top with the wine

Shake daily until the honey is dissolved. Strain well and return the wine to the bottle.Drink after ten days.This nerve calming wine has been around for…..ever.

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Lemon grass is an annual herb that flourishes in the tropics. It reaches a height of 1.5 m and a spread of 1 m. It is used extensively in Asia, India and Thailand for a very long time. Lemon grass has a strong lemon flavor due to citral, essential oil it contains. It is now grown commercially for its widely used essential oil. The herb can successfully grow outside, in the garden, in temperate climates but rarely flowers. In cool climates, grow as a pot plant.

The best flavored leaves are obtained from the lower 12cm part of the plant. This part is white and thick and is used fresh or dried wherever fresh lemon flavor is required. Lemon grass is used in many dishes especially fish and seafood dishes, curries, vegetables, drinks and sweet dishes. Harvest the stems during the summer months. The taste of lemon grass complements those of coriander, onion and chili. The stems are cut into 2 cm long cooked with the food and then removed before serving.

A tea made from the fresh leaves of the herb is a tummy and stomach relaxant.

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