HGP has a worldwide reach, with a focus on joint venture and licensing opportunities. Non-U.S. geographical interest is in China, India, and Brazil, as well as the Middle East.


  • Life Sciences – A related interest is in the use of molecular biomarkers, and other related disciplines, to forecast disease onset propensities. The personalized treatment aspect relates to unique offerings for different population groups. HGP is interested in innovative solutions to disease prevention, such as education, coordination of care, and lifestyle management, weight control through diet, fitness, and other non-invasive means. Interest also extends to the selective use of vitamins, nutraceuticals, biologics, biosimilars, and other formulations.
  • Predictive Medicine – An HGP focus is on the continuum of highly-promising trends involving predictive, preventative and personalized medicine, with a confluence on approaches that improve health outcomes and well-being. These can be manifested in both pharmacologic and non-pharmacologic interventions, such as those that would involve neurocognitive applications.
  • Distribution and Services – HGP is interested in medical distribution business, especially those relating to generic drugs, as well as platform technologies and certain provider-based services businesses which have an expandable, profitable business model.
  • Other – Promising early-stage biotechnology concepts and medical devices will be examined on a selective basis. HGP seeks minimal involvement with products which are subject to extensive and unpredictable governmental regulatory approval processes. This excludes pharmaceuticals, with the exception of therapeutic compounds.


Transactions will be comprised of de novo ventures, corporate and family recapitalizations only where an ownership interest is retained by the seller, add-on acquisitions, and restructurings. HGP transactions embrace 1) promising start-up opportunities with significant upside, and 2) established companies with a strong potential for organic growth, or with consolidation opportunities in fragmented markets. Our objective is post-investment value creation by making operating contributions and improvements, and a potential for valuation expansion as scale is achieved.


HGP is flexible as to the form of transactions for which it provides or arranges all required resources to achieve a successful outcome. Such structure can be comprised of senior secured debt, mezzanine financing consisting of subordinated debt, or preferred stock with equity features, as well as common stock.