Authentic Filipino Recipe: Sisig  Health Fruits and Foods

Authentic Filipino Recipe: Sisig Health Fruits and Foods

Around Philippines, food stalls selling Sisig have started to mushroom from time to time. Cooked on a sizzling plate, Sisig never fails to capture the senses of those who take it. Sisig is famously describe by television host and renowned chef Anthony Bourdain as -“a divine mosaic of pig parts, chopped and served sizzling and crisp on one side on a screaming hot platter”. The visual aspect of this dish alone would make stomachs grumble and mouths salivate. The hiss emanating from the extremely hot plate is the beat that the meat is danding to on an open fire. The burnt smell of charred meat drenched in vinegar and lime juice is like an aphrodisiac, seducing you to take the first bite. Finally, the taste of it, crispy yet juicy just overwhelming, it gives one a feeling that this is trusty Filipino cuisine at it’s finises. Sisig is came from a Kapampangan term, which means to “eat something sour”. This term pertains to fruits, both ripe and unripe, dipped in either salt or vinegar. Moreover, marinated meat or seafood in vinegar or salt might be considered as Sisig. In relation to this, the early record of Sisig was in an 18th century dictionary compiled by Diego Bergaño, an Augustinian friar based in Mexico, Pampanga, Sisig was seen as a vegetarian salad, in the Spanish occupation, tossed along with unripe fruits such as papaya and guava topped with a sauce prefabricated from salt, vinegar and pepper. On the other hand, our Sisig is a genuine Philippine food but has also undergone a lot of changes through time. Sisig Babi is predecessor of what we know of Sisig today. It consists of boiled pig’s ears and jowl, that is thinly sliced and blended with pig liver and brain, which gives it a mayonnaise like consistency, and topped with chilies, onions and peppers. The sizzling Sisig was invented by Aling Lucing ,a Pampanga native who is known as the Sisig Queen. Aling Lucing added two more innovations to the original Sisig Babi, she broiled and grilled the meat after it was boiled then served it on a hot sizzling plate. In memory of the Sisig Queen, each December, chefs all over the country go to Pampanga for the annual Sisig festival and to show their culinary prowess in preparing different variations of Sisig.From a rail side eatery, Sisig is now a source of national pride. Now, Sisig can be enjoyed with a variety of ingredients to select from. While some have shunned away from the sizzling plate and have incorporated Sisig in pizzas and tacos. From a pregnant woman''s snack of unripe sour fruits in the olden days to a bar chow and family viand in current decades, Sisig has truly gone a long way.

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